The Purpose Of Natural Theology Essay

The Purpose Of Natural Theology Essay

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“The purpose of natural theology is to establish knowledge of god, or, at least, a readiness for the knowledge of god, common to all people” (354). Natural theology is the branch of philosophy and theology, which attempts to either prove God 's existence, define God 's attributes, or derive correct doctrine based solely on human reason and/or observations of the natural world. Amongst the four views presented in the dialogue, the views of Karl Barth are more persuasive.
In the dialogue between Barth and Tillich, Barth was more persuasive. The view of Karl Barth that God is revealed in Jesus Christ is more persuasive because that is what is written in the canonical scriptures. He says that theology is the study of god and it is not possible to study god by displacing him from the center. If we keep Christ in the center, then all our concerns will be resolved. Tillich’s method is very general, because if we derive questions from our experience then we will end up getting self-serving answers, rather than getting the answer that reveals god to us.
Barth’s views on revelation are also in accordance with the canonical scriptures. The God is a mystery and it is the God that reveals himself through Jesus Christ. There is no other way to know about the God. For Barth revelation is objective. He says that the revelation of God was a gift that is received by humans. Moreover, revelation is a surprise and it makes the humans inquire more about the God. But Tillich says that revelation is objective and subjective with strict interdependence. This means that the God has to reveal himself and the humans have to receive the knowledge from revelation. The knowledge can be accepted or denied by the humans. Tillich uses the analogy of accepting a...

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... revelation of God in Jesus Christ. This idea of Barth is more persuasive because deriving the truth of theology from ontology or anthropology would mean that our knowledge of theology comes from human experience and not from the God himself. We cannot know about the God unless the God reveals it to us through Holy Spirit. Rahner also states that grace is a “constituent part” of our existence. But then Barth correctly states that if we have grace then why do we have to look beyond ourselves to Christ to know about sin and salvation. Barth is also more persuasive about the rejection of the idea of “anonymous Christianity”. He says that in order to be Christian, in has to believe in Jesus Christ.
In conclusion, I think the views of Karl Barth are more persuasive than others because Karl Barth does not displace the God from center to understand the truth of theology.

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