The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose, By Roger Ebert And Technical Visionary Steve Jobs

The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose, By Roger Ebert And Technical Visionary Steve Jobs

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“The purpose of life is a life of purpose” was said by Athena Orchard, a 13 year old girl who died of cancer in 2014. Athena suffered from osteosarcoma, also known as bone cancer, in her spine and skull. Despite the pain of the chemotherapy that she went through, Athena Orchard never lost her positive attitude. Much like the film reviewer Roger Ebert and technical visionary Steve Jobs, Miss Orchard did not view life as something worth a price tag. In her times of suffering, she found light in life laden with IVs and surgery and made the most out of a horrible situation. That is how life should be valued in contemporary America: by what one makes out of the experiences that can shape one’s character. Roger Ebert also suffered from cancer, resulting in the loss of his ability to speak, eat and drink. He continues to seek out his passion of reviewing movies despite his setbacks. Steve jobs had his own brush with cancer that led him to the conclusion that “death is a destination we all share”(Jobs 22). The value of life is not a number, but rather the quality of the life we live and what we are able to make of it. We all share that choice: to either put a price on life and live in that state of mind or to accept what we are given and be grateful to be alive.
Without death, life would not have the same meaning to us. In his speech, Steve Jobs says that “Death is very likely the very best invention of Life” because it “is Life’s change agent” (Jobs 22). We wouldn’t know how to value life if we took it for granted. Knowing that there is going to be some type of end enables us to appreciate each day more than if we weren’t aware of our time limit. It allows us to address life with all the audacity and vigor that we can in order to acco...

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...erson’s character and influence. If one has good character and a positive attitude, one has more of a value than someone with bad character and a negative attitude. We have to make the most of every minute; not everyone is lucky enough to have a lot of time, such as Ebert, Jobs, and Miss Orchard. Love has earned a place as a value of life, along with how much you love one gives or if one loves what they do. “I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.” (Jobs 15) The influence one’s love has on the world and others makes a difference in the way others estimate one’s value. No matter what hard times come a person’s way, in order to make the most out of one’s life and add as much value to it as possible, one must make the best out of the worst situations.“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.” (Jobs 15).

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