Purpose And Interpretation Of A Chi Square Essay

Purpose And Interpretation Of A Chi Square Essay

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Discussion 2. 1) Read Reading 3 and Reading 4, 2) describe the purpose and interpretation of at least 3 statistical 3) introduce one article that used at least one of the 3 statistical methods, including the purpose, statistical method(s) used, the findings based on the statistical method(s), and interpretation of the findings, and 4) discuss whether the authors used appropriate statistical methods to address the purpose and interpreted the findings appropriately.

1) Chi Square

A Chi-square is a nonparametric test that identifies if what we think is going to happen actually does happen in a distribution of frequencies. What we think is going to happen is considered chance. A chi square helps determine if a test can occur again at random. Also, it can be utilized to compare two sets of data to see if they can be matched. Salkind lists eight steps to follow when conducting a chi- square nonparametric test. First, we want to state what our null and research hypotheses will be. Second, we want to list what the specific level of significance will be such as .05 or .01. This can also be called the critical value.

Next, we determine if we want to use a chi square or not. “Any test between frequencies or proportions of mutually exclusive categories (such as for, maybe, and against) requires the use of chi-square” (Salkind, 2011, p.288). Forth, we use the formula for chi-square to get the obtained value. After obtaining the obtained value, we must compare that with the critical value to determine if we will reject or accept the null hypothesis. “If the obtained value is more extreme than the critical value, the null hypothesis cannot be accepted. If the obtained value does not exceed the critical value, the null hypothesis is the mo...

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...placebo pill. The statistical tests that was used was ANCOVA, and Mantel-Haesnzel test. The overall treatment effect was greater with prolonged release Oxycodone and Gabapentin than with Gabapentin and placebo.

Statistical evidence for the article P=0.007 with a mean reduction in pain scores of 33% with Oxycodone and Gabapentin. Administering prolonged release Oxycodone and gabapentin together also significantly improved pain relief vs gabapentin alone (P = 0.003). I believe that the authors chose the appropriate statistical test because they were comparing independent variables among groups. The entire study was broken into six 2 week intervals and they compared the patient’s usage of escape medications at each interval. This test showed that the use of prolonged-release oxycodone with gabapentin relives pain better than gabapentin and a placebo pill.

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