The Puritans Of Today 's Society Essay examples

The Puritans Of Today 's Society Essay examples

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The Puritans of Today
The show Portlandia is about the interesting lifestyles of the great people of portland oregon. In the first episode of this popular comedy we are introduced to a couple going out to dinner, they sit down at their table ready to eat a great meal. Before ordering the couple must know if the chicken is organic and if what the chicken ate was organic. Instead of just ordering a lovely meal and enjoy themselves they spend the whole time worrying. They worry about where their food came from, they worry how it was treated and they worry about what affect it may have on their bodies. The whole series, not just this episode highlight some of the concerns and beliefs of today 's society; organic foods, making sure that nothing with even the slightest possibility of harming us enters our bodies. This concept can be interpreted by our puritan roots from way back in the 1600’s. The Puritans were a group a very dedicated christians who left Europe to come here to America so that they can worship freely . These people considered themselves god 's gift , and if you did anything wrong or considered inappropriate, you were punished. To sum up the way life was for the puritans “puritanism: The haunting fear that someone somewhere may be happy.” (H. L. Mencken). It 's safe to say that we still have the same judgmental and worried attitude today as the puritans did back in 1600’s.
One of the major fears that we (puritans and modern Americans) share is the fear of contamination. We fear contamination of all varieties, food, health, as well as our conscience. We can find examples of this in the article An example of this in today 's society is in an article written by Mark Oppenheimer called “The New Puritans”. In this article...

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...s website Ashley Madison, or the campaign of hate against the dentist who mistakenly shot a lion that had a name.” (Kreider, paragraph 1). The reactions to these events were severe and uncalled for just like the punishment of Hester Prynne. One thing in common that the dentist who shot the lion, the Ashley Madison members, and hester prynne all have, is the mistakes they made led to the destruction of life as they know it, and essentially being stripped of their basic human right.
The puritans may have been gone for a long while, but their tendencies to worry, judge and punish others for their wrong doing is still apparent in today 's society. We see these overreactions happen daily. Whether it be on the internet or in person, it can ruin the lives of others, if our society is so advanced and modern, then why do we still share the qualities of our puritan ancestors?

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