The Purchasing Process And My Behavior Essay

The Purchasing Process And My Behavior Essay

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The purchasing process is a highly complex organizational process with objectives that reach far beyond the traditional belief and primary role is to obtain goods and services in response to internal needs. In this course, we are studying the consumer behaviour, which is defined as” the process involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, ideas or experience to satisfy needs and desires. In the past four weeks, I recorded my purchase behaviour and experience to show what effect on the purchasing process and my behaviour. I found two of those purchasing behaviours can be significantly represented this concept.
WhileI reviewed my brand experience diary, I found that car purchasing is the most expensive activities and also made me into negative emotion. I do high involvement into my decision. When I decided to buy a car, I am willing to seek lots of information about the car industry. I began to compare different brand and narrow my options, which made me chose easily. The problem I found in this process was whether I purchased new one or a second hand. The new car delivered a new condition and high quality while it costs too much for me. On the other hand, the old one spent less money and more widely choice while it has an uncertain quality. My opportunity costs are being concerned about three options: buying a car for riding instead of walk, saving money for future use and living, using symbolic for self- completion. Take into account this three opportunity. I finally decide to purchase the BMW, which is a second hand, for a hefty price of $2,4000.
Although I am so excited to purchase a car and avoid to walk on the snow day, I experienced the feeling of Post-Purchase Dissonance, which is a feeling of anxiety over whethe...

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... to help combat these feelings and assure us we 've made the right choice in terms of post-purchase dissonance. More specifically, marketers should keep more focus on building positive brand image and brand loyalty to the consumer and push them purchase products again. In addition, supporting activities, such as customer service should be valued more, which compare to sales growth. It will help the customer to decrease post- purchase dissonance and build a good reputation for the company.
In conclusion, this profile brings the picture of the purchasing experience and let me more understand why I purchase the product and what is consumer behaviour. This profile is good for me to learn not only my personally purchase behaviour but also figure out how marketing strategy applied based on consumer behaviour. It is an effective tool to use in further study and analysis.

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