Purchase Formula Makers For Our Childcare Centers Essay

Purchase Formula Makers For Our Childcare Centers Essay

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This is a proposal to purchase Formula Makers for our Childcare Centers in the Northeast region of Pennsylvania. I believe by investing in these machines, our company could save money and improve efficiency in our centers. In this memo, I will discuss the background and goals, proposed plan, and project schedule of the project.
Our Childcare Centers provide formula included in the cost of daycare service. Some of our centers provide care for infants as young as 6 weeks old. Furthermore, some centers have toddlers who continue to receive formula up to 18-24 months of age due to medical reasons. Current protocol dictates that staff members at our facilities pre-mix the formula in large batches prior to the beginning of the day, in order to reduce the time required to make bottles throughout the day. The ready-made liquid formula was researched last year and was found to be much less cost-effective and this prompted the switch to powdered based formulas in 2016.
The problem is this method results in a waste of product. The staff has reported that pre-mixing the formula is time-consuming and messy. They have also reported difficulty in estimating the amount needed for each day. Variations in formula consumption exist due to several reasons; illness, growth spurts, or absences from the childcare program. Product waste occurs when powder formula is spilled or quantities are measured erroneously. Secondly, product waste occurs most often at the end of the day when unused formula must be discarded due to the risk for bacterial growth after 24 hours.
Formula Makers in our centers could reduce costs and improve efficiency for our staff. When bottles are prepared as needed, this will eliminate discard waste at the en...

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... Week 10: Continue writing report
• Week 11:
• Week 12: Revising, editing, and proofreading the final report prior to submission.

In conclusion, I am requesting authorization to complete research on which Formula Maker would be the best fit for this facility. The final report will simplify the decision-making process by providing facts and figures comparing three models of Formula Makers on the market. The preliminary research shows that we can reduce errors in mixing formula while also reduce or eliminate wasting product. Research also suggests that formula made with a Formula Maker is safer because of less risk of contamination from workers’ hands. Our employees will spend less time mixing and preparing large batches of formula, and thus will spend more time with the babies, thereby increasing parental satisfaction with the caregivers.

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