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We live in a world where we are being manipulated like puppets and don’t even know it. Disinformation is the strings used in the puppet show. Disinformation is commonly mixed up with misinformation however the intent is what separates the two. Misinformation is false information without the intent to mislead people while disinformation is false information that is intended to mislead people. Throughout history people are deceived into believe things that are not true. If people know it or not, everyone is given facts that are not true in some way. From media to friends people give false information to get what they want. In a society based on democracy and the value of the truth, Americans have a right on knowing what is true, but we need to be able to differentiate fact and fiction. However when a people are in despair they will believe almost anything they are given. In this country with everything going on like economical issues, foreign disputes, and diseases we are at a disadvantage and individuals know that and will use it against us. History shows us that disinformation can lead to horrific things. In the early 1900’s a nation that had inflation, poverty, and almost no way of escape, turned to an individual that had a plan. That individual’s plan was the beginning of World War II. The people of Germany were despite enough to put Adolf Hitler in office. When ones greed for money and power is stronger than the greater good of society, they will say anything to not allow other see the truth. Many of our great leaders and role models lie to us for their personal gain, which makes the lies seem even truer. Disinformation can be used in corporate negligence, political corruption, and religious extremism. Disinformati...

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.... Imagine if in our community, there is a religious group that tells people to go to malls, schools, and other facilities and kill as many people as they can. That what they are doing is justified in the name of God. Disinformation can be very deadly and people may believe the madness of what people tell them, but we must learn to differentiate truth and fiction.
If society cannot seek the truth by questioning credibility and checking sources, disinformation can damage the world. Disinformation can be used in many ways to hurt us, from corporations lying to sell a product, to a political leader misleading the public, or even a religion being misused for horrific acts disinformation is a horrible thing. Disinformation can be used to cause great harm to society or simply to get someone to read a paper; nonetheless people need to stand for the truth no matter what

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