Puppet As Balloon By Albert Lamorisse Essay

Puppet As Balloon By Albert Lamorisse Essay

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Puppet as balloon in Albert Lamorisse’s 1956 short French film of ‘The Red Balloon’

Once upon a time in Paris there lived a little boy whose name was Pascal.
He had no brothers or sisters and he was very sad and lonely at home.

Once he brought home a lost cat, and some time later a stray puppy. But his
mother said animals brought dirt into the house, and so Pascal was soon
alone again in his mother 's clean well-kept rooms.

Then one day, on his way to school, he caught sight of a fine red balloon,
tied to a street lamp. Pascal laid his schoolbag on the ground. He climbed up
the lamppost, untied the balloon, and ran off with it to the bus stop……….

About the Film

The Red Balloon is an enchanting story of Pascal, a small
boy and a big, spherical red balloon. For this film Lamorisse an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and a Palme d’Or for Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival, and universal appreciation from critics. The film constituted the curriculum of most schools in the US throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

The Red Balloon in the Film has been manipulated using 3 strings that often become visible in the latest high definition Blu-Ray edition of the film. During manipulations the balloon follows points of timing, entry, exit, anxiety, panic, anticipation etc.

Object of the paper

In this paper I have tried to understand the basic presence of a puppet in our consciousness by taking a puppet that has no anthromorphic at all. With the human form lacking, there is no suggestion to win over our recognition in subjectivity. The purpose of this paper is in someways to show that a simple object can turn into a subject of our perception by simply filtering through our imagination with the right moves.


... middle of paper ...

...f chasing the balloon, the
gang attacked Pascal. The balloon flew a little way off, but when it saw
Pascal fighting it came back. The boys began throwing stones at the balloon.
"Fly away, balloon! Fly away!" Pascal cried. But the balloon would not
leave its friend.
Then one of the stones hit the balloon, and it burst. While Pascal was crying over his dead balloon, the strangest thing

One may recall Phillipe Genty’s words that a Pierrot marionette becomes aware of the strings that connect it to its manipulator and asserts its independence by detaching them one by one until it falls dead. In the film under discussion, the Red Balloon retains an after life after it has been objectively killed. This lingers around any figure that the audience has identified with. It stays in the consciousness as a human form that will be revived upon every replay.

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