Punitive Forms Of Punishment Reduce Recidivism Rate And Lowers Rates Of Crime

Punitive Forms Of Punishment Reduce Recidivism Rate And Lowers Rates Of Crime

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Punitive Forms of Punishment Reduce Recidivism Rate and Lowers Rates of Crime

Punitive Forms of Punishment Reduce Recidivism Rate and Lowers Rates of Crime
The increased cases of crimes globally have raised concerns and debates on whether punitive forms of punishment reduce crime or not. Most people argue that a severe punishment reduces crime while some argue that it only makes things worse as the crimes are still repeated and the reasons for committing crimes vary. However, statistics shows that crimes have decreased due to increased cases of imprisonment and punishment since many people fear to encounter the pain (Barry, 2011). According to Sekhonyane (2014), there is logic in the reduction of crime since it is evident in the records of the criminals. According to the criminal reports, statistics indicates that the rate of offenders has significantly reduced by 30% for the past ten years, and that results from the punitive forms of punishment administered in the prison. One of the traditional systems of crime was based on the crime and justice where the law exists to protect the innocent and punish the lawbreakers; there are various forms of punishment administered in the courts to law breakers (Susan, 2011).The paper evaluates if punitive forms of punishment reduce recidivism rate and lowers rates of crime.
Punishment reduces recidivism rate of crimes
In my opinion, punitive forms of punishment reduces recidivism rate and lowers rates of crime. According to research from various scholars, it is evident that the forms of punishment administered by the courts always work and the rates of crimes have now reduced. According to study, punishment creates fear in the individuals both offe...

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... him and that was a warning. Most of them end up being saved, and that is because of punishment that others are going through (Barry, 2011).
In conclusion punitive forms of punishment reduce recidivism rate and lowers rates of crime. From the discussion, it is clear that the punishment affects policing, society and changes the behavior of the individuals as most of the people fear punishment. Therefore, I believe that punitive forms of punishment reduce recidivism rates and lowers rates of crime. Since most people would never wish to go through the same pain, neither can they imagine their people suffering the same way. The society also changes the behavior; even parents teach their children morals that can help them fear committing crimes that would land them in prison. Hence, that is why it is evident that the number of crimes has reduced in the world

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