Essay on The Punishment Of The Prison System

Essay on The Punishment Of The Prison System

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Please refer to my below emails, which have been sent to & received my NOMS in recent months. I would firstly like to thank your organisation for seeing that my step-father: Stephen Chambers- Prisoner Number: A6333DK received the books in question. Secondly, I am sincerely grateful that I have seen evidence of accountability in the Prison system from NOMS; I must admit I had felt that I had reached a brick wall that was not penetrable. Unfortunately however, I am saddened to say, that despite my previous emails of concern; the problems at Wandsworth Prison are more worrying that I had previously thought.

Once my step-father had received his books I had thought that there would be no further issues with sending 'approved ' items into the Prison; obviously I do understand that the Prison is understaffed & under pressure, thus leading to delays in prisoners receiving their items.

Stephen (A6333DK) was granted permission by Governor Cain to have a DVD player (authorised & approval slip signed). I have called the prison at various times throughout the week to confirm that the item was in Stephens 'property box '. My phone records confirm that I had called the prison 17 times between Tuesday 14th July – Saturday 18th July. I was met with rudeness & incorrect information in all baring one telephone call that I had with the prison. The remit of my calls was simply to find out if the DVD player had been delivered & if so what was the correct procedure to have it released to Stephen. In my final call on the 18th July a helpful gentlemen in the property office pointed me in the right direction. Officer Grogan delivered the DVD player kindly to Stephen for which I am grateful.

Unfortunately, the DVD player was given to the prisoner ba...

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... a compensation claim for the DVD player within the prison or see that we can have this replaced immediately. Alternatively we can replace this item whilst the matter is being looked into further.

Ultimately I do not wish to cause any problems for Stephen nor do I want for this to take up unnecessary time for Prison Personnel that could be better utilised elsewhere. I have looked at NOMS legislation but I have not been able to find the guidelines for such an instance; perhaps I am looking in the wrong section.

I am coming to NOMS, with what I feel is a reasonable request,your service has previously helped me in my endeavours. Both myself & my family would be sincerely grateful if you could advise how this can be remedied & the steps that we should take.

I am hoping that this can be rectified as soon as possible with no need to consult with any further channels.

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