Punishment Is The First Reason For Sentencing Essay

Punishment Is The First Reason For Sentencing Essay

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1. Retribution is the first reason for sentencing; this is useful and needed because people need to pay for the crimes they have committed. When they do wrong unto others they need to give something back that is going to try to make up for those crimes. They use retribution to try to give back for what they have done. The second one is deterrence. Deterrence is used to show other criminals that if they commit a crime they are going to be punished as well. They whole point of this is to make it so people don’t want to commit crimes because they see what will happen to them if they do commit them. The third is incapacitation, if the person is in jail they cannot do anymore harm so that they cannot commit any more crimes against anyone else. The last is rehabilitation, this is useful and needed because some people just make a horrible mistake and while they are serving time they are able to change their lives around and make a new start for their lives so they do not continue down that same path.
2. The main focus of restorative justice is for the criminal to be able to try to make ends with not only the victim’s just society that they have done harm to by their crimes. I fell like this is very important because not everyone wants revenge against someone who has done them wrong. Most of the time they are just looking for the answer as to why they did something or what caused them to do it. They would like to forgive a person to a certain level for the crimes they have committed and the restorative justice gives the victims and the criminals the opportunity to do just that.
3. Indeterminate sentencing is when a person is given an amount of time that they might spend in jail such as for assault it is said to be three to nine years. T...

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...nal acts during the statement. If they show no remorse they are likely to get a more severe punishment.
10. Debates on the death penalty include that of deterrence. It is seem as the ultimate deterrence because the person is no longer able to commit any crime at all. They also show a general deterrence because it shows other people what will happen if they commit the same type of thing. The other debate is if it is unusual or cruel punishment. Some people believe that no one should die because of something they have done because then they don’t have to deal with it. But other see it as they killed someone or multiple people and those people need to be repaid for what was done to them. Cost is a huge factor in the death penalty some people argue that it just cost too much to give someone that sentencing but in the long run there is money that is saved by doing that.

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