Pulling the Trigger on Gun Rights Essay

Pulling the Trigger on Gun Rights Essay

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Guns have been in the public’s hands for over a thousand years. Firearms have been used to hunt, to protect, settle differences, and win wars. Today the government is trying to find ways to revoke the 2nd amendment, so that only the police and military can carry guns. The second amendment is the individual right to keep and bear arms. This push to eliminate society from having guns in their possession is said to protect citizens. Pro-gun citizens are upset that the government is trying to take away their guns, because it would be harder to protect them-selves from people that get guns illegally or use their guns to harm others. Anti-gun citizens are happy, because they believe that crime, and shootings will decrease due to the fact that no one will have guns in their possession. The goal behind the push is to make gun violence obsolete in the United States, because of the ease of an individual to purchase a gun, the increase of mass shootings, and the increase of deaths from improper gun safety.
Gun rights have been around for hundreds of years in the United States. The founding fathers believed it would be important to have a law on guns when creating the ten amendments. The second Amendment was added in 1791 and gave the right of an individual to keep and bear arms. The thought behind the law was to “support the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state” (Blackstone, 2008, p 118). For their time, they believed guns were necessary for individual protection and protection against attacks from British rule. Back during that time there was not any big form of police or military, like in today’s society. Now that police and military are in every state a...

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