Pulling the Plug on Being Over-Connected Essay

Pulling the Plug on Being Over-Connected Essay

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Right as the bell rings, mod after mod, teens whip out their phone to see what they could have possibly missed in the last 35 minutes they’ve been deprived of technology. People surround them, yet they still have the desire to feel connected and have a conversation through technology. Without their laptops, cell phones, and countless other devices that aid in causing an Internet addiction, teens feel helpless because they have become completely reliant on technology. It surrounds us every second of the day. We wake up to look at our new text messages, constantly refresh Twitter with every chance we have, and even started the trend of just staring at a lit-up screen only because it helps us feel less alone. However, this trend has started a problem among teenagers today. The occurrence of teens always feeling the need to be connected has evolved into a concerning problem that educators and parents have begun to address. Teens need to be taught to be able to disconnect from our extreme addiction to the technological world because of the negative impact it leaves on students’ grades, the downfall of relationships among family, and the lack of social skills teens possess when an internet addiction is developed.
At the inception of the Internet in 1957, nobody knew what it was going to evolve to (Electronic Age 4). Nobody would have guessed that the opportunity to look up information and have constant communication with others would be the biggest pastime just a short 57 years later. Once we hit the 2000s, the amount of time spent on the Internet sky rocketed which has led parents to neglect spending time with their children and students forgetting to spend time on their homework. The uprising of social media when Facebook and MySpac...

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