Puerto Rico Vs. Germany Essay

Puerto Rico Vs. Germany Essay

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Puerto Rico vs. Germany
The thought of traveling sounds so fun, interesting and spontaneous. The two places I hope to travel to the most are Puerto Rico and Germany. I would like to travel to Puerto Rico because I would love to learn more about the place I was descended from. My reasoning for wanting to travel to Germany is because it’s outside the U.S. I have never been to another country, and I’m curious to see how different it is from here. I also picked two places that are very different from each other, so I could have a total different experience on each trip. These two places have some similarities, but they are more different then not. Overall, I would just love to explore and see a place that is so different from the customs, traditions, and culture that I am use to.
Puerto Rico is neither a state nor country; it’s a territory of the United States. This means their government is the same as ours: Democratic Republic and they use the same currency as us as well. Its capital is San Juan, and its population is about 3.667 million (Rivera). Since Puerto Rico has been a U.S territory since 1898, they have embraced some U.S. customs, language being one of them. Citizens have learned to combine their national language, Spanish with the United States’ national language, English, “this is known as Spanglish” (Universia).
Germany is different from Puerto Rico, being a country. Germany is located in central Europe, and its capital is Berlin. They also have a different government being a Federal Republic (Fact Monster). Germany is bigger having a population of 82 million (Eupedia). Another difference is its currency; Germany uses Euro dollars. “Germany’s official language is German, with about 95% of citizens speaking German as ...

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...ermany is Cologne. This is a town that offers many landmarks such as, the city’s informal symbol, the cologne cathedral and a gothic church. Dresen is another town viewed because of its beautiful art and architecture. This town also has many historic sites such as the Frauenkrche cathedral (Touropia). Germany is also the home to one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, the Neuschwanstein Castle “This castle is beautiful and breathtaking, serving as an inspiration behind Walt Disney’s sleeping beauty castle” (Touropia).
Puerto Rico and Germany both have similarities and differences. They are different enough to give you a completely different experience but similar enough to have your interest in both. They both have delicious food, different traditions to experience and breathtaking attractions. I can wait to start planning my trips to each of these places!

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