Essay on The Public's Confidence in the Police and their Pledges

Essay on The Public's Confidence in the Police and their Pledges

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One of the police pledges which were put forward was to make sure they kept the public’s confidence in the way the police work and capture offenders. However as time has past the public’s confidences with the police have started to fade as the police begin to show flaws within the way they work. For example the way they treat offenders and victims, the delayed response to reported crime, the exposure of institutional racism and racial attitudes to offenders and victims. These factors were exposed by the media causing the police and government to come under heavy criticism on the way they work, even to this day the police still come under criticism on the way they deal with criminal situations. In recent events terrorism has become a major issue in today’s society as it has created much fear amongst individuals and damaging the public’s confidence with society.

Within this essay, the focus will be to explain three concepts in which influence the public’s confidence on the police. The concepts which will be analysed within this essay are media, racism and terrorism. Apart from analysing these three concepts this essay will also focus on how the police can help bring back public confidence within them and the plans which have been implemented to help restore the public faith within the police. At the end of this essay it will conclude whether the police have done much to build the public’s confidence within the police.

The first concept to be critically analysed is media and the part its plays in portraying the police to the public and influencing the public’s confidence within the police. The media has always been a prominent influence in the public’s beliefs about certain issues such as crime, the police force, and institut...

... middle of paper ... underground communications between the emergency services and London underground staff, also series of counter-terrorism exercises has also been staged to better prepare staff’ (Guardian 2009).

The metropolitan police have themselves placed in new aims into help stop terrorism by trying to work with the community. At first it seemed an impossible aim as individuals did not have much faith in the way the police worked and would not believe the police wanted to work with the community to make it safer. As new terror threats started to be published through videos the community believed it was time to work with the police and build back the police-public relation in order to combat terrorism. This started to become successful communities reported potential suicide bombers who were then discovered and arrested before their attacks could happen (Home Office 2009).

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