Public Vs. Private Sector Jobs Essay

Public Vs. Private Sector Jobs Essay

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Many debates arise from questions about public versus private sector jobs. The economic impact, efficiency or inefficiency, and the quality of product resulting from public and private industry are constantly speculated about and frequently become the popular topic of news programs. One such element in this theoretical debate is the conflict between private and public school systems and whether one stands in some way superior to the other. There have been no definitive conclusions on which system results in better education for its students; generally score results are mixed and inconclusive. However, if there is to be competition between the two systems in order to derive conclusive results, the working conditions would have to be fair and roughly equal. There is, of course, a glaring difference between the incomes made by private school teachers compared to their public counterparts. Surprisingly, it is not the private jobs in this case which fare better. Why should two teachers doing the same job be paid differently because one has a state or private employer? Furthermore, this discrepancy may negatively affect the students, teachers or country as a whole.
Parents typically choose to send their children to private schools despite the higher costs in hopes of achieving a better education. A huge reason for this is that private school teachers’ salaries come directly from tuition, not tax-payer dollars. This fact is further illustrated in the following text:
. . . the average independent school without significant endowments and/or a wealthy parent constituency is nearly 100-percent tuition-driven, which means that faculty salary and compensation funds are squeezed by other priorities such as capital improvements, ex...

... middle of paper ...

... certification” (Springer and Gardner). However, there are other qualities that make a good teacher aside from the degrees they hold. Everyone has at some time or another encountered a professor who, although technically very qualified, failed to deliver a digestible lecture. While it is important to have a well-educated teacher, this is no way guarantees the success of one’s students.
Private schools are suffering in the climate of our current economy, in ways not previously experienced. Now more than ever, they need to find ways to generate more revenue so they can be competitive with public and charter schools. If public schools were to go under, our country would be left with just another government monopoly – this time, on education. Without sufficient compensation for our teachers, private schools may steady decline until they cease to exist forever.

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