Public Versus Private Accounting Essay

Public Versus Private Accounting Essay

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Lucas Pacioli was the first to describe a system of debts and credits in accord with journals and ledgers in 1494. These basics came together to be the concoction for what is known as accounting. Since the formal establishment of accounting in 1494, the field has expanded as the demands of the ever-changing economy became greater. The industrial revolution created the first jump in the field forcing the creation of sectors within. Since this first creation of sectors, accounting as a field has been creating more specific sects to accommodate a large variety of areas. The most common and large sects created this far include public and private accounting. Although both sects carry the same basis for their work, the variation between the two lies in their demographic, demands, and decoration.
The stereotypical image correlated to the account mirrors that of a public accountant. An individual working as a public accountant can expect to work as an independent third party to a multitude of companies. As this third party it is their duty to oversee financial transactions to ensure that the statements of not only the company, but also its’ supporting companies, correctly correspond and match up to the position, results and cash-flow of the clientele. This general quota outlining a public accountants job description is not the same for a private accountant. The main difference between a public and private accountant is that unlike the public and its handle on a multitude of accounts, a private accountant specializes with a certain company or field. With this specialization, a private accountant tackles setting up a system that records the transactions within the business. The recordation of the transactions is then generated into statem...

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...can provide security if anything was to ever diminish.
In the case of a private accountant the end of climbing the professional pyramid is at becoming the chief financial officer (CFO). Within a company, this is the most prominent position for a person of an accounting background and field. Prior to becoming a CFO, the private accountant must tackle the positions of control such as assistant controller and controlee. At the achievement of becoming a CFO, the accountant would take on the same responsibilities it once held but to a higher level. It is expected to take control of the companies’ entirety of accounting functions. For a private accountant to reach the level of CFO is quite an accomplishment, but this position bestowed by a small, low-key company does not appear as well on paper as the accomplishment of a public accountant who made a name for themselves.

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