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Public Speaking Quiz Essay

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1. Critical thinking skills are important to have as a speaker because they allow people to decide what to believe or what to do. Public speaking exercises eight critical thinking skills. Critical thinking allows someone to focus which will help them define a problem, set goals, and select pieces of information. Another skill is information gathering that allows one to formulate questions and collect data. Remembering skills enable an individual to store information in his/her long-term memory and retrieve it. Organizing information allows someone to understand a topic and present it more effectively. Analyzing a topic will help to clarify existing information by examining parts and relationships, while generating lets one use prior knowledge to infer and elaborate new information and ideas. Integrating allows a person to summarize, combine, and restructure information. The last skill that comes from a process of critical thinking is evaluating, which establishes criteria and assesses the quality of ideas. As a critical thinker it is also important to be receptive to what others have to say by being open and unbiased. These listed skills of a critical thinker are beneficial in making a student a much stronger speaker.

3. Critiquing a speech involves criticism which offers feedback for the purpose of improving a speaker’s speech. When critiquing an individual, it is good to start with a positive statement because public speaking is a personal experience, and establishing a healthy environment is important for constructive criticism. After that, one wants to target a few key areas for improvement because an individual doesn’t want to overwhelm the person, but just allow him/her to set manageable goals for the next spe...

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...possible for sources to be expert and also biased because an expert does not mean that they are not human. Everyone has an opinion, and some experts who have been working on a particular project or are being sponsored by a company will try to bend the facts or just use the facts that support their findings. Biased experts will not offer the data that conflict with the point they are trying to prove. Examples of this would be a Gallup study that was sponsored by Motorola. The study found that people who use cellular phones are more successful in business than those who don’t. Another example shows that a Gallup poll sponsored by the zinc industry revealed that 62 percent of Americans want to keep the penny. Now an individual can see the difference between an expert source and an unbiased source and even though someone is an expert the source can also be biased.

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