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Public Speaking Phobia Essay

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Public Speaking Phobia
“On October 7, 1973, the London Sunday Times reported that the largest number of Americans, 41% of those surveyed by a team of market researchers listed speaking before a group as their greatest fear,” (Dwyer, K., & Davidson, M. M. 2012).
While studying different types of phobia’s that humans may have, there are several phobias that develop over a period of time, due to unknowns or fears of things because of something that may of happened in that individuals life. Phobia is basically a fear of something that an individual may have because of past experiences or even the unknown. Most children have fears of the dark because of the unknown in the dark, where as adults have many different fears, like flying in an airplane because of the prudential fear of death. As a teacher in a high school we had a coach who had two German Sheppard dogs, when he brought them to school one day to show the students, several of the students ran and even jumped over the tables to get away from the dogs in fear of getting bitten, even though the dogs showed no signs of aggression. This paper will focus on another type of phobia and that is the phobia of public speaking. The fear an individual has to stand in front of people and talk about a subject with confidence.
For some individuals, when observing them given a lecture or just talking in public, they seem to have a free will of talking to people without any problem. This author’s father was one of those type individuals. It seemed that he knew everyone in the world; he was able to talk with any individual who just walked up. For those individuals who cannot seem to have a talkative personality, we usually call them shay or not very sociable. According to the British Journal ...

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...or overcome it. To overcome the fair of public speaking, the speaker must talk in public.

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