Public Shaming Is A Form Of Punishment Essay

Public Shaming Is A Form Of Punishment Essay

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Public shaming is a form of punishment that dates back hundreds of years ago. Although, as of recently, public shaming is being used by judges as an alternative method of punishment, rather than the typical jail time. Multiple police captains and judges from all around the country are using social media as one form of shaming, and actual public embarrassment as another. Public shaming forces the offender to think about their crime while everyone else looks upon them, rather than sitting in a cell alone. Along with that, it can be used as a deterrent to the general public as well. By placing the offender in a public situation, it allows others to see what could happen to them if they were to commit a similar offense. Public shaming teaches offenders a lesson in a very creative way. If the offender is given the option of being publically humiliated or being sent to jail, it could be interpreted by some as a form of compassion on the part of the judge. Compassion in the sense that, the criminal is not escaping punishing, but is merely being punished in a nontraditional sense that will actually benefit the offender later in life. If a person is willing to deal with embarrassment, it will look better to employers, or anyone else looking at at the offenders resume later in life, because they now have the absence of jail time on a resume. Public shaming is a fair and just alternative form of punishment and should be implemented into criminal reform programs around the country.
When it comes to punishing a criminal, the word punishment itself holds a couple different meanings. First of those meanings being that, once a person breaks the law they are required to be given some form of disciplinary actions for breaking that law. Their disci...

... middle of paper ...

...t is a fairly large risk and judge has to be willing to take before he places a criminal in jail.
Public shaming should be implemented into reform programs around the country, that way criminals could be given a fair punishment for their crime. Although, incarceration is still necessary at times, it does not have to be the sole form of punishment for criminal activity. Especially activity that does not necessarily deserve jail time, but should be given more attention than just a simple fine. Public shaming is a fair medium between the harshest of harsh punishment and a simple slap on the wrist. It does take quite a bit of creativity by judges and public officials, but in the end it would be worth it to possibly reform these offenders. That is, rather than sending them to a cell alone, trying to reform themselves inside a jail, with limited ways to help themselves.

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