Public Schools Vs. Public School Education Essay

Public Schools Vs. Public School Education Essay

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The issues surrounding education have not always been easy to identify. Year after year, the structure of American education keeps changing from one standard to the next. It focuses mainly on the needs of society as a whole, and not specifically the aspirations of the individual which is most evident in cities full of minorities. Public school education in urban cities clearly depicts the struggle of having limited choices, because of their poor status. Consequently, conflicts arise and have become vividly clear. These problems can be identified by the limitations on contradicting values, the effects of segregation, the impact of dull textbooks, and the influence money has on American education.
Every individual has his or her own set of ideals or beliefs, but in an educational aspect, differences are not welcomed. In Other Rooms, Other Voices, Gerald Graff discusses his experience with cognitive dissonance and argue how it has affected his growth. He and other students struggled to find a correlation between the different courses they were exposed to (Graff 341). These students, like any other, put aside their ideals to concentrate on getting good grades (Graff 338). Ideals of a person, such as being a religious Christian, may contradict with what the lesson in class is trying to accomplish. It becomes a barrier to the person. As a result, they are unable to visualize the concept and ideals presented to them; the ability to see beyond of that. Graff even blames the professors for their lack of communication, which leads to even bigger problems. Problems, such as missing the essential content or concept of an essay, may arise. It will have a negative result if the students were only focused on getting good grades instead of unde...

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...quently, it will have a negative impact in the long run, because the future is dependent on the capabilities of the students. Money, although, in this aspect definitely does not benefit the students at all when there are more failing than passing.
The issues surrounding the American education system roots all the way back to the struggle of segregation in the increasingly diverse environments, to the impact of money on “educational” programs, and to the limitations many students face in the modern learning environment when differences are not welcomed. With these problems arising, the performance of students across the nation is clearly headed downhill. The American education system needs to change in order to help all of the students. Although not every student is under performing, the majority will affect the whole future of the students because of these problems.

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