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The Public Schools Of The United States Essay

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Approximately twenty-one square miles long, and one and a half miles wide, at its widest point, Bermuda is made up of a succession of islands. Bermuda is famously known for its pink sand beaches, beautiful turquoise water, world-class golf courses and warm, welcoming individuals. The Ministry of Education has recently received a 5% budget cut, which will affect the public schools in Bermuda. The 5% budget cut is worth approximately $6.7 million and only leaves $111 million for thirty-five schools excluding Bermuda College. As a consequence of the decrease in students being registered, the ministry is contemplating on closing a select group of preschools and primary schools around the island. Due to the lack of funding, the Ministry of Education should consolidate the schools because it will force the Ministry to save money.
There are thirty-eight public schools in Bermuda, which consist of ten preschools, eighteen primary schools, five middle schools, two senior schools, one community college, and two special education schools. One of the special schools “accommodates a maximum of twenty-five mentally and physically disabled students” and the other “accommodates approximately thirty students with severe behavioral problems” (“Bermuda Schools”). Unlike, private schools, the Government Schools in Bermuda are fully funded and operational per taxpayer’s money (Archibald Forbes). All students are required to wear a uniform every day unless there is a grub day fundraiser for charity and if that is the case, students can wear regular clothes for a minimum of two dollars. In 2007, a team of six reviewed public school education in Bermuda. They reported on the Education of Public Schools in Bermuda and focused mainly on the leadership and ...

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...orkers ($127.13 Million…Education Ministry”).The majority of the technology projects was completed this school year, which has lessened the amount of money that will be spent for the upcoming school year on information technology support (“$127.13 Million…Education Ministry”). Also, funding for repair, maintenance and security has been reduced by 7% (“$127.13 Million…Education Ministry”). According to (Scott), “Monies budgeted for Professional Services totaled $114,000 dollars. These funds will be used to cover the costs of vendors who will be providing education services on a fee-to-fee basis rather than receiving a lump sum external grant.” Approximately, $1,670,000 has been set aside specifically for external grants for organizations and scholarship for undergraduate students studying at an accredited university in Canada, United States or United Kingdom (Scott).

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