Public School Systems Are Cheating American Kids Out Of An Education Essay

Public School Systems Are Cheating American Kids Out Of An Education Essay

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Public School Systems are cheating American kids out of an education. A high school diploma indicates what students learn in achieving it, but in reality students have been learning and earning greatly less as the years have gone by. As a former public school student myself, I know we are not given the same opportunities are students in private schools. Public school students have been told that the reason our education is limited is because of funding but in the video it states that public school spend more money than private schools and still not have a better outcome. More money hasn’t improved schools. So, what’s the real problem?

Public education funding has more than doubled in the last few years. Money associated with public schools has shown to improve academic outcomes; but the funds have mostly followed social goals. For an example, nutrition programs, education of the handicapped and busing for intermixing. I know this because of my experience with public schools. With many attempts of making schools better it has shown to have been insufficient and yet to improve real educational effects. Despite comparatively self-effacing about increases in regular education funding, real progress would be a demonstration of higher test scores for minority students, reduced dropout rates, ameliorate minority college attendance, and more students going into engineering and science.

Another example of public school systems cheating American kids out of an education is the lack of diversity in gifted education has become an obstacle for public school. I know this because all through middle school I was in a program called TAG. A program for the so-called “gifted”. The "gifted and talented" label has been around since the begi...

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...ut our futures.

The chapter Substitute in Don 't Mess with Tanya takes an outlook on racial divide in schools. Racial divide is big part in public schools. You take a look at majority white schools then take a look at majority african american schools. Statistically white schools would have higher test than minority schools based on their resource. Majority schools resources include not just having tons of money but having people who actually want to see you exceed and expect nothing more from you. Minority public schools are already looked at as failures. No child left behind, right? Former President George W. Bush would say. But I have seen many children left behind and those kids are either in jail or died because public schools failed them. Public schools are not failing because of the lack of money. Public schools are failing because many simply don’t care.

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