The Public School System Of The United States Essay

The Public School System Of The United States Essay

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Education in the United States has slowly and surely become corrupted and overcrowded. Education is extremely important for the growth and development of our economy and system of the United States. The public school system has molded students to come into society prepared and ready for success. The public schools have faced many challenges throughout the years. As time went on classrooms increased in size which caused more issues to rise. The mixture of elevated student enrollment, the increase in students dropping out of school, and the increase in competition between students is what is making the educational system fail. The installation of tenure has allowed teachers to become unmotivated and indolent and will continue to teach without any type of analysis. The conformity to the increase of students has led to a reduction in standards and grades. Standardized testing has promoted the increase in simplistic curriculum. It has become competitive and unnecessary pressure for students. For those students who cannot pass them, they are one more instance of schools telling them that they don’t have what it takes to make it (J. Hoffman 113) These issues have resulted in a corrupt educational and a dwindling economy. Public schools are searching for solutions to solve the problems we face in the United States today. It is crucial to include the principles of democracy helps the educational system because it stimulates diversity, choice, and participation.
Democracy is a community of diverse people. In the United States, a functioning democratic society has one main focus which is achieving happiness for themselves and their families. Diversity stimulates tolerance so that all people may have equal opportunities and freedoms to live ...

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... education. Any student will want to make choices in their education. If that student makes their own academic path they will be more likely to participate and follow that path. My mother is a middle school teacher; she is one of the great teachers that the film Waiting for Superman was discussing. She would go from school to school and always kept up her enthusiasm for the classroom and her students. The education administrators practically do nothing while they watch the teachers scramble to maintain their growing classrooms. Fewer students in every classroom would promote participation between students and teachers. Diversity would promote better curriculum and societal acceptance in the world and classroom. The United States needs democratic principles in their educational systems because with it we can make the classrooms a great place for learning once again.

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