The Public School Education System Essay

The Public School Education System Essay

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Public school education is identical important and should be taken very seriously. It is the basis that leads to the future of everyone’s life. The people who begin to lay down the pathway for education are the teachers. Teachers in today’s public school system world are one of the utmost crucial people in America. They are the ones to encourage children to excel into their greatest self. Without teachers, society would face a drastic downfall. There would not be many professions around. There would not be any doctors to help save people’s lives there would not be any police officers to protect and serve, there would not be a president to lead this country. The public school education system as a whole is something that has been over looked for some time. While everyone is exceling in life the public education system in general is staying the same. Teachers are one of the most important professions in the world, they work durable; they are the ones who help prepare our children for their future. Teachers are the base of our foundation, and without them, we would not even have a world that makes sense. Teaching is not an easy job. The hours are long, the demands are high, the working conditions are often challenging. Just with those basic conditions more money should be put into the education system.
There are a number of important reasons why more money needs to be put in the fund...

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...ourage their students to strive for academic excellences.
The most important thing is the learning environment. It is very important that our children are put in an environment where they can be safe and always from any harm that may come towards them. For this to happen the first thing that needs to be done is looking into upgrading the school building. If the school buildings are up kept the school would be in better conditions. Instead of the school schools wasting a total of $11,110,371 dollars on plants and operations these funds could be cut to ensure that the children attending school do not have to suffer by attending a school that shows horrible learning environment
As a community it is our duty to want a change and want better and the only that can happen is if we stand up and come together for our children in St. Landry Parish who attend a public school.

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