Public Relations : Effective Communication Essay

Public Relations : Effective Communication Essay

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What is public relations? PRIA (2014) defined that it is the process to build, maintain and reinforce mutual understanding between an organization or individual and its publics by the designed, planned and sustained effort. Also, it can be understood as a practice of managing the flow of information between an organization or individual and the public.(Grunig& Hunt 1984) However, these two definitions cannot fully describe the term of “public relations”. A long-standing CIPR definition mention a concept of “goodwill”.(Oliver 2009, p. 11) It implies that PR not only refers to publics’ awareness of the information about an organization or individual, but also highly relates to reputation. In other word, if any entity is willing to modify the outcome of what it do, what it say and what others say about it, public relations will play a key role. This communication professional evaluates public attitudes, monitor the feedback with the public interest, and launch a plan to earn public understanding, acceptance and even preference. (Lesly 1998) Sometimes, public relations may help an organization or individual gain exposure to their target audiences using hot topics and breaking news. (Seitel 2007) But whatever, the core of public relations is communication. (PRIA 2014) Public relation is the management of all communication within the organization and between the organization and its outside people. Consequently, the jobs offered with explicit descriptions such as PR manager but Communications Manager or Communication Coordinator. Therefore, the next question is what does public relations do.

Public relations covered a myriad of tasks. But it is not hard to c...

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... different parts of this plan. Team members will have tasks to prepare materials (articles, brochures, videos, exhibition stands, slide presentation) and press releases, or to communicate with relevant parties (media, journalists, hotels, governments and other useful contacts), or to organize events (press briefings, conference, exhibitions, tours), or to initiating public relations campaigns. (University of Kent 2012) Based on my experience, it has to say that workload of a Public Relations Professional is not low. How high it is? Honestly, it depends on which kind of service you are doing. Generally, new media, online and digital activities would be slightly easier. Offline activities, however, would be very tough. Or sometimes, if your team receive a crisis management case, it would be the hell. Thus, who are Public Relations Professionals, what they look like?

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