Public Relations, Communications And Thought Leadership Essay

Public Relations, Communications And Thought Leadership Essay

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Strengthen and streamline the firm’s public relations and communications functions (including survey responses) and the content development plan for website content and thought leadership that aligns with firm strategy.

With my background in journalism and media relations, communications is my strongest skill. I have a long and strong track record of successfully developing and executing effective communications strategies across the entire spectrum of internal and external audiences, including clients, business and legal media, and the community in general. I have substantial media relations experience in proactive, reactive, and crisis situations, and I have two-plus decades of experience working with editors and reporters at the highest levels of national and international media outlets, including The American Lawyer, Law 360, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times and numerous others. At Skadden, Shook and Sedgwick I have served as an official firm spokesperson and have been called on frequently as a trusted adviser by the highest levels of firm leadership to help draft media statements and talking points. Occasionally, I have also advised firm clients on media-related issues.

In addition to my media relations expertise, I also have significant experience with, and a thorough understanding of, both the internal and external considerations in coordinating responses for media contests, league tables, and “ranking” publications such as Chambers and Best Lawyers. In my tenure at Shook, the firm was recognized for three consecutive periods in The American Lawyer’s highly competitive “Litigation Department of the Year...

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...tly produce high-quality deliverables. I’ve had numerous team members tell me they had never thought about it from that perspective, and that it is meaningful to do so.

When I became the CMO at Shook and began implementing changes to the standards and structure of the department, it was, importantly, an inclusive process. I invited team members to share their ideas for improvement and to partner with me on refining and implementing them. I discovered that many of them had very good suggestions, but had simply never been given the opportunity to share them. Their ideas were critically important to the long-term success we ultimately realized by first providing clear direction and then giving team members the opportunity to contribute to the development of the plan. Because they had a meaningful voice in that process, they thrived as “owners” as we moved ahead.

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