The Public Relations Between Women And Women Essay

The Public Relations Between Women And Women Essay

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The Public Relations industry is dominated by women and inclusive of them in every position except for the very top. Lead by mostly men, the Public Relations field is overtaken by women who run all aspects of the career, such as Crisis Management, Celebrity Management, Communication Management, etc. Many see this industry as one that can offer freedom with a creative outlet; therefore the idea is that women are drawn to jobs where they can express themselves freely. The largest international PR firms are guilty of the imbalance of women in leadership positions. Women are more than able to run large Public Relations firms; some examples of women in leadership positions are Shante Bacon, Emily Abbas, and Katina Arnold.
Commanding the workplace, women outnumber their male counterparts, but are often overlooked for holding leadership positions. Depending on who you ask, women hold anywhere from 61% to 85% of all PR jobs, and 59% of all PR managers are female. According to the 2014 World PR Report, women only run 30% of all global PR agencies (Risi). More women in America are seen as head of PR firms or their own companies. The disappointing numbers create dismay in the minds of female employees who seek to rise to the top. The glass ceiling in Public Relations hinders women from attaining jobs as professional leaders in management or higher-level positions. A study by workplace-research group Catalyst took a look at 353 Fortune 500 companies and found that those with the highest representation of women in senior management teams had a higher return on equities and returns to shareholders, by more than a third (Risi). The increase of productivity when women are in charge is a small sample of how much more effective it would be to have...

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... across all its areas of change, opportunity and growth. She is well respected by senior leaders and key media, empowering her to influence decision-making as the company navigates its brand and speaks to employees. Katina is effective in communicating a clear vision both internally and externally and is admired and praised for a leadership style that focuses on building teams (Renfree).
In conclusion, women in Public Relations are represented well in the common workplace. When it comes to leadership positions within the field, men tend to dominate that aspect, but with more women like Emily Abbas or Katina Arnold, there is hope for women to overtake that part of the field too. Their impeccable work gives women the credibility they need to gain the trust to be in positions of power. Misogyny may affect society, but women are ending the stereotype one woman at a time.

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