Public Relations And Journalism Go Together Well Essay

Public Relations And Journalism Go Together Well Essay

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Public relations and journalism go together well, but there is always conflict. The two media work with each other to promote their content. In the journalists’ conversation in the YouTube video, they talk badly about PR professionals. In the article PR and the Media: A collaborative relationship, they are not quite as blunt about their dislike of PR. They mainly just feel that PR people are annoying. PR professionals contact journalists “10 to 15 times a day” according to some reporters. The journalists’ conversation in the video somewhat validates the opinions in the article. The authors of the article interviewed PR professionals as well as journalists. In the case of their relationships with one another, the article states that, “many representatives of the PR industry have great respect for journalism and the media’s role in society.” In contrast, it said, “hardly any of the interviewed journalists expressed a corresponding respect for the PR agents. Journalist feel that they are being taken advantage of because of their media power. Journalists broadcast ideas over different media to diverse audiences, and PR people want to get in on it. PR creates video news releases, which are commercials created to look like real news. They send them to news sources to play when they need extra content to fill time, and they are paid. PR wants to sell its product or service and journalists want viewers or readers, so they work together. Some of the journalists interviewed said “both groups were viewed to have the same task and thus to be ‘of the same breed.’” Journalists do believe that the professions are similar. In the video, the two journalists mention that journalism and communications (or PR) are taught at universities together now,...

... middle of paper ... the source of many people’s information.
Journalists and public relations professionals have a complicated relationship because they use each other in different ways. PR uses journalists to share their promotions, and journalists uses those promotions as a quick and easy way to fill time and space. PR tends to respect journalism more than journalism respects PR. Anyone can have a calling to any profession; it is not exclusive to journalism and choosing PR over journalism is not a cop out. Some PR professionals lie and spin the truth and those are the ones that do not practice ethics and might be sued one day. Finally, a news audience is comprised of many different people, and those people have the ability to be swayed easily because they do not know the difference between news and PR promotions, but that is just what happens with the relationship between media.

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