Essay about Public Relations And Communications Plans

Essay about Public Relations And Communications Plans

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Assessment Task one:
Interpret Public Relations and Communications Plans.

Public Relations:
Public relations are the management function that identifies, establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends.
It is about building and managing relationships and communication processes.
Why Public relations:
 Public relations help an organization and its publics adapt to each other
 Public relations are an effort to win the cooperation of groups of people.
1. Needs of the Organization:
JB Cleaners a privately owned and operated company that began in Auckland in 2013 as a small family-run operation, set up to provide a professional service for busy businesses.JB Cleaners is furnishing its clients with an expert, private house cleaning administration. JB Cleaners looks to satisfy the accompanying advantages that are vital to its clients. Over the next two week, the company want to extend it’s to reach the people of North shore. Right from the early days, significant importance has been placed on training and staff well-being, along with investment in the latest equipment. With limited budgets simply can’t come close to matching the ad budgets of larger competitors. PR can help us level the playing field and get the same or better promotional bang for a lot fewer bucks
 Company need to exposure in the newspapers, magazines, trade press.
 Social media and online communications.
 To promote company we first need to acquire sufficient funds through bank loan.
 Communication between external and internal public to be happen.
 Website to be updated with latest news and offers.

Problems relating to public relations:
Problems relatin...

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...he easiest ways to provide the news media with the news they crave. The reason is simple: There is very little new information in the world. But a survey, by definition, always creates new information. If you survey 1,000 business executives and 87 percent answer yes to your survey question “Do you feel stress on the job?”, then you have created a fact — “Eighty-seven percent of 1,000 executives surveyed by XYZ Company say that they feel stress on the job” — that we and no one else owns.

Sending gifts to journalist:

Presenting gifts to journalists to make them familiar with us and making sure publish our campaign programme.

Driving a Car with company logo:

By driving a car with company log around the streets makes us noticeable by the people around us.

Community Services:

Visiting Church and voluntary cleaning the premises makes us familiar with company name.

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