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In this country, there is a massive debate about whether it is time to change our educational system and make public post-secondary education free. In America, the current student debt is at $1.4 trillion dollars. According to The Wall Street Journal, “The average class of 2015 graduate with student-loan debt will have to pay back a little more than $35,000.” (Sparshott). Democratic Nominee Bernie Sanders proposed his “College for All Act.” Though he believes that this act will help out current and potential college students, I believe that this act is not the answer. There is a problem with the post-secondary education that we have today, but I propose that funding federal programs to ensure maximum money is given to students when filing FAFSA, promoting programs for 9th-12th grade students in order to expose them to scholarship and college, reducing the cost of university tuition to a reasonable cost as how it was many years ago, and removing private creditors, making the government the one who can give out college-based loans, will fix the problem with post-secondary education cost.

First, I propose that funding federal programs such as FAFSA is needed to ensure maximum money is given to students. Tuition is rising drastically, causing student to take out loans for an education. Financial aid programs are programs that are suppose to help out students with cost to attend college. But according to the huffingtonpost, “The federal Pell Grant program was designed to help college students… Pell Grant now covers less than one-third of the cost of attendance at public four-year university, the lowest in its history” (Kingkade). Pell grants were created in order for students that do not have the money for college to attend college w...

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... Not being informed for about college as a youth, current interest rates, and lack of aid are just other reasons why college debt is the way it is.

There is an issue going on that we must solve. The education system is broken and college students are the ones who are suffering. I do believe that we need to fix the system but I do not believe that Sanders “Free College for All Act” is the answer. By funding federal programs to ensure maximum money is given to students when filing FAFSA, promoting programs for 9th-12th grade students in order to expose them to scholarship and college, reducing the cost of university tuition to a reasonable cost as how it was many years ago, and removing private creditors, making the government the one who can give out college-based loans, will fix the problem with post-secondary education cost.
Thank you, Senator King, for your time.

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