Essay about Public Policy on Third-Strike Law

Essay about Public Policy on Third-Strike Law

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Three-strike law is ineffective, inefficient and costly. The costly and controversial three-strike law does nothing to prevent crime despite increasing population of state prisons (Miller, 2012). The public of America find crime rates alarming. The crime rates are high and people feel like prisoners in their homes, afraid of venturing out because of fear of becoming another statistic figure. For the past two decades, federal and state crime control and prevention policies base on belief that harsh statutes will prevent people from committing crime. However, presently with over a million people behind bars, depleted state budgets due to prison construction, people are not safer than before. Modern problem approaches are essential, but instead, political leaders continue with the same old mechanisms. The outrage of the public found political in the suggestion and enactment of different laws giving harsh sentences for repeat felons. The slogan “three strikes and you are out” (D'Addesa, 2003) was popular in 1994 even with former president Clinton. The three-strike law remains a debate subject since its introduction as a statute in 1994. About half of states in United States implemented the statute, but more debate it. The statute states that any person convicted of more serious or three crimes may get life sentencing, but with parole possibility. While not a unique idea, the statutes are not proven crime deterrence methods.
The design of the law is to increase prison sentence for repeat offenders (Zimring et all, 2003). They believe is that this will prevent criminals for committing more felonies. The law offers harsh punishment, a life sentence, for a person committing felony for a third time. There are also laws for habitual offend...

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...s for felons with non-violent, non-serious, drug, sex, rape, fire arm possession, child molestation or murder penalties. Otherwise as it is, third- strike law is inefficient, ineffective and a costly affair.

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