Public Policy Issues Surrounding Today 's World Essay

Public Policy Issues Surrounding Today 's World Essay

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There are several public policy issues surrounding today’s world, such as abortion, welfare, education and other social reform issues. It seems that no one can come to a common ground on the lawfulness of these topics. Personal beliefs, such as religion, culture, upbringing and ethnicity all play a vital part in deciding one’s feeling on a given issue. These public issues don’t vary by states or countries, they are universal. However, the most current controversial and talk about issue in the State of Mississippi is same-sex marriage.
Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage) is a marriage between two people of the same gender identity. For example, when a man marry another man or when a woman marry another woman. Marriage has been around since the beginning of time. When two people fall in love with each other, they have the right to marry if they choose, but this isn’t the case when it comes to people who fall in love who are of the same sex. Being from the South, and being brought up in a Baptist church, I was taught that it was immoral for a man to marry another man or a woman to marry another woman. The pastor would bring up scriptures like, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, which states that homosexuals will not enter the Kingdom of God. For many years I thought these teachings were the only and correct way, until I got older and started seeing and learning things on my own. I came to find out that most preachers use the bible to tailor to their beliefs and their beliefs only.
I think if people of the opposite sex who are in love are allowed to marry then people of the same sex should be able to get married. If two people are in love it shouldn’t matter if they are two men or two women they should be able to live their lives j...

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...oger Wicker, along with Representative Bennie Thompson represent our state in Washington, D.C. Senator Thad Cochran believes.

Senator Rodger Wicker is against same-sex marriage and believes in the traditional definition of marriage. As a Southern Baptist, he’s a strong supporter of Christian family values. In his first term of Congress he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. He was deeply troubled when President Obama instructed the Department of Justice not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in the courts. In 2012, Wicker along with a Senator by the name of Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma introduced the Military Religious Freedom Act. This bill would ban gay and lesbian couples from marrying on a military base and protect military chaplains who object to such unions from being forced to perform a ceremony. The bill was never enacted.
Representative Bennie Thompson

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