Public Ownership Of The Education System Essay

Public Ownership Of The Education System Essay

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Whether the education system should be under public or private ownership has been a conversation piece across the world. This is particularly significant with the growing value of education in a country’s progress economically, socially, politically as well as its overall well-being. In my opinion, the education system should function as a public entity for the best interests of the nation’s future since private ownership takes a profitability approach which may compromise the quality of this social service.

Public ownership of the education system ensures that education is accessible to all students all across the country. By separating areas into zones to implement elementary and secondary schools as well as schools for those with special needs, the Canadian government has already been successful in ensuring that there are schools close to the students’ residences. By the time students reach post-secondary education, they can live on their own and post-secondary institutes have quality residences in place, so post-secondary education should remain a mixture of public and private institutions. The issue of affordability is also solved by implementing public ownership of the education system. Students can have access to quality education for minimal cost till the secondary level, ensuring that the nation has a high literacy rate. Educating students helps them make more informed decisions regarding their lives and can better prepare them for the workplace. Providing all students with the chance to basic levels of education also minimizes income equity since students will follow their passions and make a choice about what career to pursue without encountering financial constraints.

It is often considered that private ownership o...

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... sciences, family studies, technology, geography and history. By providing students with generalized subjects in earlier grades and the choice to choose more electives in higher grades, public education ensures that students can develop the necessary fundamental knowledge before pursuing subjects that are more applicable to their future endeavours.

From the above discussion, it is evident that education under the public domain can offer several advantages that cannot be accessed under private ownership. By allocating sufficient budgets to the education system, a nation’s government can raise academic standards and help students extend their learning by providing modern stationery, technology and supplies. The public education system can also encourage more discussion between parents, students and teachers regarding students’ performances to keep parents on the loop.

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