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Public HR in 2032 Essay

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The landscape of the United States, after the conclusion of World War III and the worst recession in our history, is vastly different then it was a short twenty-five years ago. Millions of Americans have died as a consequence of the war; our industry and infrastructure is seriously degraded. This was the first World War that was, in part, fought on U.S. soil, added to the destruction of our cities and manufacturing base. Our government is still in disarray because many of leaders were lost in the first strike and we are trying to recover from our “brain drain” of trained and responsible leaders which has set us back for years to come.
The government at the city, state, and federal level is pouring tremendous quantities of economic resources, not only to fix the broken infrastructure but also to provide basic needs to the population as a result of the terrible recession that struck our country and the world after the end of the war. What once was a free market society is now tightly controlled, in an effort to make the best use of raw materials, labor, and capital. There are price controls on many items and the essential industries needed for production and infrastructure, namely energy, and industrial production, are now under government control. So to, is the labor needed to produce those items. A national minimum wage has been established; labor unions have been abolished. Wages for all in the labor force, from the janitor to the CEO now cannot rise as a percentage more than ½ the percentage increase of the national gross national product. It is imperative for the continuation of the country that we make sure that every dollar invested in our society reaps a reward. With the widespread destruction the federal government has had...

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