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Public Health Policy Analysis
Public health is the general health of the population, which is mostly controlled and influenced by state institution (Turnock, 2012). An effective public health system is equivalent to a healthy nation. Therefore, many governments work towards reducing, controlling and preventing factors that impact negatively on the status of public health. The paper takes time to review the ‘Soda Warning Label Bill’ and its final implications on public health (Siegel & Donner, 2004). The bill focuses on reducing the number of obesity and diabetes cases among kids and adults. Obesity and diabetes affects so many people in the state of California. The ‘Soda Warning Label Bill’ is among the latest bills that seek to improve the state of public health care in California.
Overview and Severity of the Health Problem
The amount of sweetened beverages consumed by Americans is staggering. In fact, these beverages act as the primary source of sugar in the diet of countless Americans. The period between 1977 and 2001 saw Americans increase the amount of sugar obtained from sweetened sugar beverages. Despite the fact that consumption of these beverages has decreased lately, an average American still consumes 150 calories of these beverages on a daily basis. This translates to 45 gallons of these sweetened beverages in a single year. In a single day, it is estimated that 77% of young adults and 66% of children consume a minimum of one sugar sweetened beverage. Furthermore, approximately 10% of calories consumed by teenagers come from sugar sweetened beverages. According to these statistics, it is easy to understand sugar sweetened beverages contribute to the increase in obesity, tooth decay and diabetes in the United States o...

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