Public Health Intervention : A Significant Health Problem Essay

Public Health Intervention : A Significant Health Problem Essay

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The focus of this paper is aimed to analyze a public health intervention that addresses a significant health problem that arises within the elderly population in the United States. This problem is age related memory loss, as more than 16 million elderly individuals reported cognitive impairment in 2009 (Cognitive, 2011). This intervention called “The Memory Fitness Program: Cognitive Effects of a Healthy Aging Intervention” conducts 60-minute classes over a 6-week period that includes memory training, physical activity sessions and educational programs for stress reduction and a healthy diet. Objective and subjective cognitive performance of the elderly individuals is tested after the 6-week period to see cognitive improvements. This intervention seeks to achieve the overall goal to improve memory performance and prevent cognitive impairment in elderly individuals (Miller, 2012). This is a necessary goal to pinpoint as the elderly population is rapidly rising due to the baby boom population. The baby boom generation resulted from a significant increase in birth rate following World War II, occurring in the time period between 1946 and 1964 (Baby, 2016). With this dominating population size, there are not enough spaces in nursing homes and caretakers to assist the enormous elderly population. Therefore, it is essential to guide elderly individuals to possess the capability of living independently. As memory loss is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, this will cause the elderly population to lack independence, be hindered from longevity and will affect many families in the United States (Brain, 2015). Therefore, it is vital to improve cognitive performance among the elderly population, to live independently. This paper will feature deta...

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...showed adherence to the physical activity program (2015). Therefore, it is clear that when an individual has the self-awareness of improvement gained from a program, the individual will possess the belief, confidence and motivation to trust and adhere to a program. This addresses the theory of planned behavior. Additionally, Based off of the evidence gathered from Pinilla and Alkerwi, it is evident that this intervention strongly addresses the intrapersonal level of the socio-ecological model within the elderly population, giving the elderly the knowledge, beliefs, confidence and motivation to prevent cognitive impairment. While this intervention strongly addresses the intrapersonal level of the socio-ecological model among elderly individuals, it is important to analyze the ways that this intervention addresses the interpersonal level of the socio-ecological model.

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