Public Education versus Private Education Essay

Public Education versus Private Education Essay

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Public education has been able to provide the necessary education to students, despite its limited capabilities. Students are offered the same education in public schools as they are in private schools. Students make their choice on whether or not they want to apply themselves, and learn from the teachers in front of them. In private schools students are excited to learn. Maybe that is why they have better test scores. Students enrolled in public schools have a tendency to fail, or some succeed. These options are taken by students who who either try, or do not care. Either way, every student has an equal opportunity to gain an education.
In To Kill A Mockingbird, many examples can be seen about public education, and how things are run within the school. Outside of school, Scout, is taught how to read and write from Atticus (Lee 17). When Scout shows her talents at school, her teacher becomes enraged. The teacher wants things to be taught a certain way. This is her way, the Dewey Decimal System, that she believes all students should be taught (Lee 18). The teacher tries to deny Scout the privilege of learning outside of school. This certain teacher in this book was actually trying to set her own standards. This is why she did not want Scout to learn from her father. The way that the teacher is trying to run her class is much like a private school (Lee 17). Private schools, unlike public schools, create their own standards, and are funded by tuition, alumni, grants and endowments (Kyriakou 1). Also, teachers that are employed at private schools are required to get their credentials from an accredited source. Public school teachers may not have to get their credentials in the same way (Kyriakou 1).
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