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The Public Education System Of Public Schools Essays

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Segregation in public schools is a practice that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to be unconstitutional in 1954. However, since this time, schools have become segregated not by law, but with actions and policies. According to Orfield, et al (2010), the public educational system is actually moving further and further away from the integrated school systems that the Brown v. B.O.E case intended to create. There are two main areas in which segregation is discussed as being seen with in our educational systems across America. These two areas exists both within school districts, where certain schools have demographics that don’t necessarily represent the population of an entire district, and within individual schools, where students are often times segregated by the classes they take and segregate among themselves.
Segregation of students between schools within a school district is something that I am not personally affected by. I am fortunate enough to work in county that has only one public school option for students to attend all the way from kindergarten through high school. The only other option is for students is to attend the private school which most do not choose to do. Roughly ninety percent of all students that attend school in my county attend schools that are a part of our system. Therefore, segregation between schools in a particular district is not a problem for me personally and many other rural area schools for that fact. However, the second area of segregation, which is found within a school, is something that I do see personally. While our students may not be segregated between schools, there is definitely segregation within the building. Orfield, et al (2010), states that “white students are often tracked...

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...rfect, but as teachers we should strive to have positive relationships with our students that will help to create high expectations. For many of my students, a positive learning environment encourages them to be more involved and more comfortable in the classroom which will lead to better educational outcomes. Relationships with students that build trust and in return promote student motivation to succeed are key to the academic success of all students. All we have to do as educators is find a way to hook our students that will in return make them thirsty for knowledge and academic success. The ability to build student motivation and build positive relationships that allow students to grow is the most important job of an educator when they walk in a classroom. In return, students will share and eventually meet the high expectations that we should have for them.

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