Public Education is Unnecessary and Inefficient Essay

Public Education is Unnecessary and Inefficient Essay

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The End of Public Education
Visualize a flourishing society where children grow up happy with their family and friends, living life, going day by day doing what they enjoy--may it be playing football outside with their friends, taking walks through woods and by creeks, or maybe surfing the internet for games, even stumbling upon music or a video showing the vastness of the universe on YouTube! These are all encounters with the future, potential sparks, hidden, that have the possibility of becoming the fascination of a child. 

Playing football may lead to a hidden talent of fantastic speed. Taking walks through woods and by creeks may provoke an obsession with the little frog that happened to hop into the stream as a young boy passes by, frightening him. Games on the internet may prompt a curiosity as to how it was made, how it works, how the page it resides on works, how the internet works! The immeasurable exposure to massive amounts of lifestyles, topics, arts on YouTube is of incalculable value. Humans are curious creatures; always on the prowl for information--absorbing it, analyzing it. When something takes interest, it grows like wildfire! But when an authority takes over and requirements are made curiosity retreats and the fire is doused.

Public education is this authority. It whelms entire lives until it becomes life, and a premature, erroneous idea of the meaning of life is drawn up out of the unintended, yet, nonetheless, negligible signals delivered by the system to the mass of students that will be the future. Signals that draw ideas such as "everyone is the same", "knowledge is more valuable than happiness", "stress is a part a life". These gestures are just one downside to an otherwise well constructed machine...

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...f that natural human curiosity that all are born with.

Public education is simply unnecessary. It is unfair, wrong, and inefficient. This does not mean knowledge and education is unnecessary, as they are both immensely valuable, but they can both be acquired through living. A base level knowledge is always necessary, but is something that is taught as one is raised as child. A toddler being potty trained goes alongside learning simple math and reading skills--it's all learned through childhood. There are also private institutions available to provide a competitive offering of a "traditional" education, and homeschooling available to those who prefer a more personalized route. 

Picture a world where people don’t need to be told what they have to learn. Curiosity and ambition lead to knowledge. Knowledge is an amenity of happiness, not the other way around. 

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