Public Confidence, And Gender Equality Essay example

Public Confidence, And Gender Equality Essay example

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The Canadian courts exhibit certain characteristics in their everyday operations of administering justice to the citizens. They function on an adversarial system, where opposing views from contesting lawyers in given cases are pitted against each other and decisions made based on the strength of these arguments (Boyd 147). In addition, the courts are accessible and open to the public during hearings; individuals are allowed to attend court sessions, observe the proceedings, and listen to the final verdict (Boyd 148). Formality is another aspect that typifies the Canadian courts where set procedures and language must be adhered to during sessions; such formality aims at establishing respect for the court from the public and other stakeholders (Boyd 151). Although these characteristics give positive impression of the courts, there are other challenges facing Canadian courts and their overall operations, specifically patronage appointments, confidence, and gender equality, as will be illustrated in this essay
Public confidence is the trust that the public has in the judicial system is vital to the courts to function well. In many countries, numerous concerns have been raised over the alleged crisis in public confidence. As consequence, this topic has evoked a great deal of discussions among researchers and policy formulators. Hence, the crisis in public trust is a significant challenge in the Canadian legal system. In response, the court system for many years has tried to formulate the policies that will address the issue of public confidence. In the Roberts’ article, it is suggested that even though a slight majority of Canadians have trust in the justice system, the citizens seem to have more faith in...

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...ll balance the power right at the school level. As Deborah Rhode explains, ‘those of us who teach and write about the legal profession need to make the unfinished agenda of equal opportunity part of our agenda” (Brenner 277). Further, by increasing the accessibility of the judicial system and more promotion at the law firms for female legal professionals could also resolve this issue of gender inequality.
In closing, the judicial challenges discussed above can be seen as the most critical in the following decade and beyond in Canada. For example, the government might continue influencing patronage appointments, the public’s dissatisfaction with the judicial system might intensify with the increase in crime, and gender issues might enhance inequality aspects of the legal system. However, the challenges could be resolved as explained in this essay above.

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