Public Authority, And Charismatic Authority Essay

Public Authority, And Charismatic Authority Essay

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In a society there are different authorities that we follow. According to Weber, there are three types of authorities which are are rational -legal authority, traditional authority, and charismatic authority. According to the article “Marx Weber: Traditional, Legal-Rational, and Charismatic Authority” by Dana Williams: rational-legal authority is powered by the belief that the law gives the legitimacy for example government officials; traditional authority is the belief that it is the traditional way and it is passed down for example the British Monarchy; lastly, charismatic authority is fueled by the liking of a person, it is also neutral meaning that it can go both ways (negative or positive) for example Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King Junior. We explore how these different types of authority can be applied to the United States today, how it applies to my life and lastly how these forms of authority can be applied to Weber 's concept of the “ideal types”.
Some examples of the current United States context that represents these different types of authority from rational-legal to charismatic are; President Barack Obama and congress, police officers, and Donald Trump. President Barack Obama holds legal-rational authority because he was placed in office through winning the votes of the American people. His title legally holds him accountable for everything that is going on with our country as the Commander in Chief. However, anything that he wants to do, for example creating a new law, has to go through congress first in order to be approved, therefore the congress also holds the rational-legal authority. Police officers can fall within the traditional authority since their power has been passed on from generation to generati...

... middle of paper ... authority, traditional authority and charismatic authority can still be applied today, and we see it in the United States through our President and Congress, our police officers, and Donald Trump 's as just some of many examples. We also can see how these authority and intersect with one another, but not all of the time. I see how these types of authority apply in my own life with my family and the Catholic church and also with the law. Lastly, we can see how these concepts can fall under Weber 's idea of “ideal types” where we notice that these forms of authority or fueled through us creating, maintaining, and following these authorities. Weber brings to mind concepts that for some of us do not come to mind although we go through it in our everyday lives. It makes also make one wonder what else is hidden in the back of the mind when it comes to society.

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