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It is prominent to analyze how does the community view the EU differently in order to understand the roots of the shocking Brexit. It is explained by Curtice (2016, p.209) that there are two main factors surrounding the public attitudes towards the EU. Firstly, the economic advantages that the EU carries into the member states. If the EU does not offer any profit to one country’s economy, the membership may be reconsidered, and vice versa. Secondly, the cultural consequences that arise from the EU’s membership. If the sense of the European identity does not being engaged in the community, then it may result in the rising question whether or not to remain in the union.
In the UK’s case, Oliver (2016, p.10) found that the UK suffers from the trade deficit for a considerable amount of money in the last three years. The total deficit was even deteriorated as the total was tripled from 28 billion euros to nearly 62 billion euros in just two years time from 2012 until 2014. Furthermore, based on the results from a social survey by the British Social Attitudes that is conducted annually since 1983 until 2015, it is reported by Curtice (2016, p.211) that the numbers of supporters for the UK to remain in the EU and to lessen the EU’s power over the UK is twice higher than the numbers that votes to withdraw from the EU.
Until now, based on the findings of Martin & Garnett (1997, p.130), it is maintained that the EU’s Single Market has always been appreciated by the UK as it has considerably boosted the welfare of its economy. The market composed by hundreds of millions people in total has always been the vital focus of UK in terms of trade. Almost half of the UK’s export destinations (Moagar-Poladian, Dumitrescu, Baltatescu, Balan, Taranu,...

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...itted to the integration at the first place since the UK claims that its national interests do not go along with the union.
Moreover, the skyrocketing numbers of immigrant coming into the country, which resulted from the labor market liberalization, is also one of the concerns of the UK, underlying its aim to leave the EU. In the UK’s point of view, the competition in getting jobs has becoming so intense that it wreaks the British. And the diverse society has led to the resentment against it. Also, the UK wants to limit the access of the immigrants to the public services in the country (Moagar-Poladian et al., 2015, p.48).
Nevertheless, the withdrawal of the UK from the EU comes with risks, too. It is inevitable that the consequences may impacts the UK, the wider EU members, and the world. In the following section, various implications of the Brexit will be examined.

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