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Over the course of the decade the public attitude toward the American Government has been one of defiance and silent acquiescence. The tragic events on September 11th, 2001 transformed the political landscape, bestowing President George W. Bush with a more unified country than before. Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center states, “The attacks not only generated a burst of national unity and patriotism, but also increased the public’s trust in government and in the relevance of political leaders.”1 National unity however, did not prevail, as the United States responded to these acts of terror. Bush began to focus his attention highly on Iraq, naming and shaming them as part of an “axis of evil.” President Bush criticized the Iraqi Government for turning a blind eye on terror networks, and allowing them to establish safe havens within their country. President Bush believed that the Iraqi Government was emulating similar terrorist ideals and believed they posed a grave danger to the United State’s interests through the possession of weapons of mass destruction. 2
As the war came to a cessation and weapons of mass destruction were not properly accounted for, the American public became increasingly weary about the United States’ role in Iraq. The American Public believed military intervention went awry, which led The Center for Public integrity to fuel the public insecurities about inaccurate intelligence.
The Center for Public Integrity alleged that the Bush administration manipulated intelligence records, for the ultimate goal of removing Saddam Hussein from power.3 As a result, the accusations of the American Governments role in the Iraq war served as an indicator that the credibility of our Government under the Executive Bra...

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...isplays our lack of continuity in foreign policy, which in turn has made our country look polarized amongst political factions, thus remaking the world’s perception of our government’s ability to govern effectively. I believe that this transition in policies since the election of Obama is driving the United States into a global disorder with radical Islam. If America does not reassert its global leadership we will swiftly be eclipsed by the very costs of advancing terrorism and authoritarianism. The public has reacted to the rise of terrorism and developed ambivalent tendencies. The public is questioning our leadership and reputation on the world stage. They are questioning whether the American Government is capable of governing internationally. If we are not capable of governing internationally will this change the degree of our abilities to govern domestically?

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