The Public Art Program Of The University Of Texas At Austin Essay

The Public Art Program Of The University Of Texas At Austin Essay

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Name: Dung Le – DNL458
Landmarks – The Public Art Program of The University of Texas at Austin
ART 320K
September, 18th 2016
Circle with Towers by SolleWitt
The University of Texas at Austin is a great place that actively promotes a diversity of art around campus. One of the artwork that belongs to the Landmarks’ collection, is the concrete block structure Circle with Tower by LeWitt, with the Wall Drawing #520 inside the building.
The Public Art Program of The University of Texas at Austin has purchased this concrete block sculpture, which is called “Circle with Towers”, from the Madison Square Park Conservancy in New York. As the Circle of Towers becomes part of the Landmarks’ collection on the university campus, it is located on the Speedway entrance to The Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex & Dell Computer Science Hall (GDC).
Circle with Tower is an impressive art work that features a very uniquely symmetric and remarkable design. The structure is entirely made of concrete blocks that give the design a very simple and minimal shade of gray. Thus, as a suppressive color, the color grey releases a sense of lack energy and confidence that provokes a depressed and dispirited feeling to whomever it encounters with. The structure has a circular 25-foot-diameter ring that is punctuated by eight 14-foot-high towers positioned at equal intervals. The structure features a logical rhythm that the eight blocks wide wall is separated by the concrete towers of four blocks wide. Apparently, this pattern gives a perfect 1:2 ratio. The structure demonstrates LeWitt’s ideas of using modular structures and geometric forms in his designs. The design’s circular wall being surrounded by equally arranged vertical towers has ideally il...

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...t negatively influences the mood and mental health of the passerby. Its ordinary geometric, yet overly simple design is quite tedious to people soon after only a few times that they pass by. The fact that there is not much of the structure’s outer design that could constantly retain people interest and attraction. Thus, it is quite challenging to keep people engaged to the art work for a long time.
Although Circle with Towers by SolleWitt appears to be a controversial art form to many people, it is a valuable and important art piece in the Landmark’s collection that has become one of the most prominent symbol to the University of Texas main campus. Its close alignment with science and technology makes it the perfect fit to the famous The Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex & Dell Computer Science Hall that it hardly could be replaced by any other artwork.

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