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Public And Private Educational Schools Essay

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Today’s generation faces important decision making in education—public or private? A statistic from Rafael Yanushevsky says, “Now, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are 33,740 private schools in the United States, serving 6 million K–12 students. Private schools account for over 25% of the nation’s schools and enroll about 11% or 6.1 million of all students” (Yanushevsky). Looking into the differences between public and private educational institutions is essential in a parent’s critical decision regarding the path their child will take through elementary school, high school and college. Both public and private elementary, secondary, and college levels of education should be examined before choosing what educational establishment is best for the student. Understanding differences between private and public educational experiences in elementary schools, high schools, and colleges will help shape today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.
Elementary schooling is vital for children learning basic mathematics, social skills, and reading comprehension to name a few. Karen DeMarco took a study on first-graders at a public school and private school on their reading comprehension levels (DeMarco). A pretest and posttest showed there was no great difference in the ability of the first graders who attended public or private schools (DeMarco). It seems that at younger ages the education children receive does not differ whether the student attends public or private school.
While academic performance does not differ, the financial aspect of private schools is significantly different. Debi Edmund of Education Digest says, “One of the most commonly cited strengths of private schools is that they are more cost-effe...

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...ic educational experiences in elementary schools, high schools, and colleges will help shape today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.
As a student today, I am affected by this topic. I am also a fulltime nanny. The family I work for has two twin girls who are at a private school, recently there were exposed to inappropriate behavior when their principal fired five teachers and had them escorted out of the building by law enforcement. The parents are considering moving them to a local public school—the school where I attended elementary school. I am often asked which schools in town are better—public or private? I also think about my future when I have children, how I will want them to be molded in the education systems. Education is so important to me; I believe that shaping today’s youths to become responsible and educated adults is the key to a successful future.

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