Public And Private Benefits Of Education Essay

Public And Private Benefits Of Education Essay

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Education is an important factor in our society and it should be consider as such in all aspect. This paper explores the decrease in funds since the recession in 2008. Further I will also explore the rate of students graduating and continuing their education after high school. I will further discuss the public and private benefits of education
As research have shown the state of Georgia does allocate fund to public institution to foster and encourage more students to enroll and graduate from college. However, I don’t think Georgia is doing enough to contribute toward education. According to NCHEMS Information Center, public High School graduation rate in 2009 was 59.3 just a little above average. Going Rates of High School Graduates directly from High School to college – 2010 was 67.7% which was not as bad compare to other state. Research also shows since the Great Recession, enrollment growth is up in Georgia by 5.1% which is also just above average. This is a proof that, Georgia needs to encourage more students and contribute more towards education, not just higher education but elementary and secondary schools.
Changes over time in school district revenues are measured by changes in real (adjusted for inflation) revenue per FTE (full-time equivalent) to account for the changes in enrollment. In real terms, total revenue per FTE for K-12 education in Georgia has decreased considerably since 2008, the first year of the Great Recession. Total real revenue per FTE in FY (fiscal year) 2008, $9,952, was nearly 17 percent higher than the total real revenue per FTE in FY 2014, with declines in both state and local revenue per FTE, suggested by Davis, E. and Ruthotto, I. (n.d).
With the growing cost of education not just in Georgia b...

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...provement. We need more funds put into our education system to relief some of the financial burden from students and their stated above student continuing the education is not just a private benefit but a public benefit as well.

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