Public And Private Accounting Firms Essay

Public And Private Accounting Firms Essay

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Accounting is very important to the world, both public and private accounting firms have one goal: financial stability. There are differences between both firms, however, it can be proven that public firms are better than private firms. The Big 4 is a good example of how public firms are more beneficial than private firms. All of these accountants have worked hard by getting there CPA degree. People should choose a public accounting firm over a private firm because a public firm deals with more than one business.
Why should you have an accounting degree in the first place? You should have an accounting degree because there are always jobs in this field and the chances you will actually get a job are really high in either public or private accounting firms. People say, having an accounting degree can have 360 different job opportunities. You can work anywhere because everyone needs an accountants from in businesses, for the Government, or even by yourself the options are unlimited.
If you do want to work for an accounting firm they would be public and private firms. A public firm does auditing, taxing, advisory, and consulting services. Examples of public firms would be The Big Four (Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG). A private firm works inside Businesses, government, and nonprofit places. With private accountants they usually work in a successful organization and many people from public firms go over to the private firms. It is easier to go from a public to private then from private to public because public firms deal with multiple companies and they do all sorts of different things like auditing, taxes, etc. But if you try and switch from private to public it is harder because you are only dealing with one company other...

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...orking with 90 offices around the United States.
A public accounting frim is better because you get to do multiple things for different clients and their businesses. Starting off in a public firm would be a good choice for starting off. Depending on what type of person you are you could either like a public firm because of how many clients they have to deal with and you don’t do the same thing over and over each day and you may like they change. If you are not that type of person who like change and want to repeat the same things and get good at one certain thing like auditing then a private firm may be for you. Either way you should start out in a public firm to get everything down and use to everything before you switch. Even though these both are good firms but, accountants suggest that you should start out in a public firm then to switch over to a private firm.

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