Public Administration Has Grown Through The Years Into The Independent Course Of Study

Public Administration Has Grown Through The Years Into The Independent Course Of Study

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Public Administration
Bradley Shelburg
Ashford University

PPA601 (NBS1430A)
Dr. Leah Raby
July 28, 2014

Public Administration
Public administration has grown through the years into the independent course of study as it is known for today. What was once known as a purely political environment has expanded to include business, legislative, and judicial influence. Many claim public administration lacks the same disciplinary unity found in other fields while others claim it includes a diversified background gained through the application of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of administration. Public administration has grown far beyond its initial boundaries of political science to embrace theories, concepts, and tools from all the social sciences (Cropf, 2008).
Public Policy
Public policy is any decision-making done on the behalf of or affecting the public. To carry out this mission, the work processes of complex organizations require skilled management and highly trained professionals. Public administration requires a significant managerial dimension to address the political process, political institutions, and political values. Public administration consists of the managerial and political process that occurs in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches for creating, implementing, and assessing public policy. Public administration’s emergence as a separate discipline contributed to the creation of the public administration profession. The increasing complexity of society has spurred the professionalization of the public sector (Cropf, 2008).
Differences between Public Administration, Business Administration, and Political Science
On the surface, public service and private enterprise are very simil...

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...has also had a significant influence on this evolution. More savvy tax payers and voters have pushed to see more for their tax dollars as well as the separation of politics in the public administration field. Public administration has grown far beyond its initial boundaries of political science to embrace theories, concepts, and tools from all the social sciences (Cropf, 2008).

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