Public Administration And Public Policy Essay

Public Administration And Public Policy Essay

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Public Administration
“Public administration is the management of affairs of the government at all levels-national, state, and local. It is the branch of the wide field of administration” (Basu, 2004 p. 3). There are many scopes and areas of focus that public administration overlaps and are involved in. The areas that public administration is prominent in are politics, managerial, and judicial structures. Public administration plays a significant role in the impact of decisions that are made in politics. Quite often it is those decisions that influence operation and management of various structures. In managerial functions public administration plays an integral position in managing projects that focus on strategic development, public policies, providing services and implementing national programs. Finally from a judicial perspective public administration play a detrimental role in public policy. Public policy is principled guidelines that each state has that focuses on citizen’s interests from social, moral, and informative perspectives. According to Stewart (2013) “Public policy is also an elusive concept, but it, too, is clearly information related. In the most immediate sense, public policy has a role to play in relation to information as a social, political and economic resource” (p. 3). Public policy is access to information that focuses on several; subject matters. Public policy can also be a resource for citizens to gain financial, social, and political insight on past, present, and future issues. Empirical research has defined public administrators as having an abundance of roles and influence in many discipline and organization operation, but research has not solely been limited to the roles played in politics, managem...

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...m and state ideology are two influencers in public political participation. Hence, rapid litigation and state ideology impact pubic views of total operation.
The Relationships of Public Administration and Public Participation
To make an impacting outcome on the public it is imperative for public administrator to build a solid relationship with the public by getting them to participate in political, social, and economic issues that need to be addressed in order to be resolved. Public participation as a response shows trust, acceptance, and support. Though, gaining support from citizens is ideal for public administrators, it is not without costs to public administrator’s power and/or cultural background. Citizen involvement and participation in public administrator’s decision making gives power to the citizens while relinquishing a percentage of the power to decid and

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